In the Know

Some information and resources that you may find useful:

For You

Whether you're thinking about your sexuality, gender identity or expression, whether you're out loud and proud or just curious... here's some info you might find useful:

  • Not So Straight -
    Helps young people who are gay, lesbian, bi or transgender find information and support about sex and sexuality.

  • Minus18 -
    Australia’s largest youth-run network for same sex attracted and gender diverse teens.

  • QLife - or call 1800 184 527
    Anonymous, free phone and online chat service that provides information, counselling, and referrals.
    (Chat services are available 3pm-midnight. Outside these hours Victorians can instead contact Switchboard on 1800 184 527.)

  • LawStuff -
    A website dedicated to providing legal information to children and young people in Australia.

  • Victoria Police Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers: GLLOs -
    GLLOs (pronounced "glows") are police officers who work to create mutual trust between police, lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people. Victoria Police GLLOs can assist by providing discrete, non judgemental advice and assistance in the reporting of crimes.
    Geelong's GLLOs are Constable Melissa Varker, Senior Constable Jacinta Stevens, and First Constable Bonnie Loft - phone 5223 3100.

  • Queer Muslims Australia
    An online group for queer muslims.

  • Deakin Allies -
    An alliance of people from Deakin University working together to create a positive university environment.

  • Intersex Australia -
    Offers support to people who identify as Intersex

Stuff about gender:

  • Genderqueer Australia -
    Find support if you identify as gender-questioning or genderqueer.

  • Zoe Belle Gender Collective
    Support the health and wellbeing of Victoria’s sex and gender diverse population.

  • YGender -
    A social support and advocacy group for trans/gender diverse young people, led by a committee of young people. Events, programs and a range of projects based around the needs and interests of SGD youth aged up to 30.

  • What makes an ally project
    An initiative of YGender and Transgender Victoria, providing information and resources about how to be a good ally to transgender and gender diverse young people.

    7 Ways to bind your chest an article from Minus 18 about chest binding for trans men and non binary folk - how to bind safely, including some cheap DIY methods!


For Parents

  • Genderqueer Australia –Support for people who identify as gender-questioning or genderqueer. You can also find support if you’re family or friend or a professional helping out –
  • Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby (GLRL) advocates on behalf of the lesbians and gay men with referral and educative resources on gay and lesbian rights to the media, policy makers and the community –
  • LawStuff – A website dedicated to providing law and legal information to children and young people in Australia –
  • Gay and Lesbian Switchboard – Anonymous free phone service providing information and referrals – or call 1800 184 527

For Workers

  • Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria - Teaching Diversities: Same Sex-Attracted Young People, CALD communities and Arts based Community Education

  • Gender Identity and Research Education Society (UK) - Resources for schools on transphobic bullying, including the Transphobic Bullying Toolkit.

  • Genderqueer Australia - Support for people who identify as gender-questioning or genderqueer. You can also find support if you’re family or friend or a professional helping out.
  • Rainbow Network – Victorian Network for those who work with same sex attracted or gender questioning young people.

  • Safe Schools (Victoria) –
    The Safe Schools program helps schools foster a safe environment that is supportive and inclusive of LGBTI students. The Safe Schools Unit provides training, resources and consultancy for any school in Victoria.

  • ThinkB4 You Speak Educators Guide - For discussing and addressing anti-gay language among teens
  • Zoe Bell Gender Collective -
    Information and resources for anyone interested in the health and well-being of transgender, transsexual and other gender diverse people.

*The GASP project and the City of Greater Geelong does not necessarily endorse the views outlined in any of the above resources.

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