Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine

This animation explains Australia’s diversified vaccines portfolio, and reassures the viewer that Australia has enough vaccines for everyone living in Australia. Everyone in Australia will have access to COVID-19 vaccines. Australia has purchased more than enough vaccines for everyone, but first, each vaccine must get the tick of approval from Australia’s health regulators. All up, Australia has purchased around 140 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines, to be able to quickly and effectively deliver the vaccines to everyone in Australia. Each vaccine is rigorously tested to meet the standards of our world-leading regulator the Therapeutic Goods Administration – or TGA. The TGA reviews clinical trial data and results for assessment of potential COVID-19 vaccines. Now that our first vaccine has been approved, it will be made available to those most at risk. They include health, aged and disability care workers, aged and disability care residents and border and quarantine workers. Once more supplies are available, the vaccines will be rolled out to everyone in Australia throughout this year. Two doses will be needed per person to offer the best protection. The vaccines will be an important part of our fight against COVID-19, helping to prevent death and serious illness. Despite this, the approval will not be rushed. In the mean time we all need to continue to be COVID safe by practising good hygiene, physical distancing and getting tested. To learn more visit The Department of Health is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay up to date with the latest information, resources and advice.​SHOW LESS